In addition to enhancing your delight in emotive stimuli, case look at answer hypomanic state commonly manifests itself in potent magical ideation. An affinity for spirituality is inherent to case look at answer human state and case examine solution foundation of religion, but many individuals with bipolar disorder be aware an undeniable correlation among their hypomania and their degree of interest in such realms. If you find yourself every now and then particularly drawn to concepts similar to case look at solution Law of Attraction, case look at solution Twin Flame Theory and different perception systems that assume a causal response among emotions and physical affairs, this may be noteworthy and mirror your place on case look at solution bipolar spectrum. This is something that you’ll want to particularly believe if you be aware your self dropping religion in such phenomena when your mood is more ‘level’. There is a marked change among being a spiritually susceptible person who adheres to case look at answer Law of Attraction mentality and a person with unpredictable mood fluctuations who begins to determine eerie synchronicities only when they are feeling ‘high’. In case study answer midst of a bipolar emotional upswing, case examine answer global seems to span out in entrance of you prefer a puzzle.